Serge Ibaka saved Thunder’s season, Scott Brooks’ job

Serge Ibaka pulled off a miracle, returning early from a calf injury.  The Thunder have come back from a 2-0 deficit to tie the series with Ibaka on the court as they head to San Antonio for a pivotal Game 5.  How big of a difference has Ibaka made and what do the Spurs need to do to stop him?  Here’s my story.

Serge Ibaka saved Thunder’s season, Scott Brooks’ job

5/25/14-The 5th Quarter in New York Sports on AM1240-WGBB

5/25/14-The 5th Quarter in New York Sports

Tune into the podcast from my show Sunday on AM1240-WGBB in New York.  On The 5th Quarter in New York Sports, I opened up with my frustration on Ray Rice and his pitiful attempt at an apology Friday in a press conference full of self pity.  What did Rice do wrong and how long should he be suspended for his actions against his wife?

I then moved on to another debacle on and off the field in New York.  The Mets loss Sunday afternoon was demoralizing and they continue to find new ways to lose.  Citi Field has been nothing but quiet, and what has happened when fans cheer at the ballpark?   What is going wrong with the Mets?   What do they need to change to turn things around?  Is Terry Collins on his way out?

Also, the Rangers were in action in a pivotal Game 4 against the Canadiens.  I gave updates throughout the show and also discussed Stepan’s injury, Carcillo’s suspension, and analyzing the Rangers run thus far.  Can they make a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals?  How big would it be for New York sports? I also talked NBA playoffs.  Serge Ibaka made his return Sunday night for the Thunder, which will cause the Spurs plenty of problems.  The Pacers loss Saturday puts the series in the hands of the Heat, but Elwood from Indiana called in and disagreed with me.  I had to put him in his place.

I also break down the Yankees and their series win.  They are sticking around in the AL East, but do they need some pitching help with all their injuries?  Also, Yunel Escobar and the Red Sox went at it Sunday.  Did the Red Sox trigger the debate or is Escobar just a troublemaker?  At 34, Josh Beckett tossed his first no-hitter Sunday against the Phillies.  To close out the show, I gave out my prediction on who the Knicks next head coach will be.  Listen in to a jam-packed show here and download the show on iTunes!


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After failing in 2013-2014, what’s next for the Nets?

The Nets fell 4-1 to the Miami Heat, ending their 2013-2014 season.  This was the year the Nets were booked on making a championship run, and they fell short. What is the next step for this team and are their title hopes in shambles for next season?  Here’s my story.

After a season of failure, what comes next for the Brooklyn Nets?

Western Conference finals preview: San Antonio Spurs vs Oklahoma City Thunder

The two best teams in the West will go at it in the Western Conference Finals.  The Thunder will try and overcome a key injury, while the Spurs look to get revenge in the NBA Finals.  Is this the year for Kevin Durant or does Tim Duncan and company continue their reign in the West?  Here’s my series preview.

Western Conference finals preview: San Antonio Spurs vs Oklahoma City Thunder

Eastern Conference Finals preview: Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat

The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers will battle in the Eastern Conference Finals for the second straight season.  Last year’s series was magical, but LeBron James was too good in the end.  Will the Pacers face the same fate this time around?  Here’s my Eastern Conference Finals preview.

Eastern Conference finals preview: Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat

Are the refs to blame for the Clippers Game 5 collapse?

The Clippers suffered the worst loss in franchise history Tuesday night in Oklahoma City.  It’s safe to say there were some questionable calls made down the stretch.  Did the refs lose Game 5 for the Clippers?  Here’s my story.

Are the refs to blame for the Clippers Game 5 collapse?