American Idol Legend William Hung joined The Jake Brown Show (3/27/18)

American Idol legend William Hung joined me on The Jake Brown Show. How could you not remember Hung’s performance of “She Bangs” during the American Idol auditions in 2004 in season 3 of the show…that is still going on 14 years later. Hung was on the show at the height of its popularity, when 30 million were tuned in every week. Hung capitalized off the viral performance by making an album titled “Inspiration” that sold over 200,000 copies…one of those to 13-year-old Jake Brown. You better believe I was using Bar Mitzvah money to buy that classic album.

We spoke about his journey, the Idol audition, what he would have done if he didn’t do She Bangs, speaking around the world now and inspiring others, his parents reaction, the fame, commercials and endorsements he did, what he’s doing now, and he even sings a snippet of “Achy Breaky Heart” for me. This was a wonderful trip down memory lane for me.

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1986 Mets World Series Champion, 3-time Phillies All Star Lenny ‘Nails’ Dykstra in studio on The Jake Brown Show for a third, final time (3/21/18)

It’s always an adventure when Nails is in studio. 1986 Mets world Series champion, three-time Phillies All Star, and one of the most wild interviews guaranteed every time Lenny Dykstra joined me for a third and final time in studio on The Jake Brown Show.

The conversation went everywhere: Charlie Sheen and their fallout, his alleged videos out there, Sheen being bisexual, Mets, Phillies, women, how he tries to still bang, his financial situation, a reality show he’s working on, and a whole lot more shenanigans.

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The Jake Brown Show: 16 beats a 1, best time in sports, Jets trade for 3rd pick, Mamma Brown interview (3/19/18)

On this episode of The Jake Brown Show: I talk about #16 UMBC taking down #1 Virginia and making history, why this has been the best couple of years in sports, the Jets trading up with the Colts to get the 3rd pick in the NFL Draft, my sports update, and more. Mamma Brown joins me in the second half of the show for a hilarious interview.

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Episode 60: The Jake Brown Show – Marcus Spears Interview, Pitch Perfect, Bye Bye Eli Apple (12/27/17)

After two weeks away from the mic due to the studio moving to Hudson Street and me getting bronchitis, I returned to host The Jake Brown Show on now with Entercom from the downtown studios. We used the old 92.3 AMP studios this week as they are finishing building a new studio for the podcasts.

This week on the show: Christmas, Happy New Year, Pitch Perfect 3 in review, Star Wars, Ellen, unemployment, daytime TV, Landon Collins and Eli Apple saga, the future of the Giants, NFL Week 16 in review, NFL playoff scenarios, and much more

Former Dallas Cowboys defensive end and SEC Network analyst Marcus Spears joined me on the second half of the show. We discuss the Cowboys being eliminated, Dak Prescott, their future, Eagles, NFC playoffs, College Football Playoff, wine, Hennessy, and much more.

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Constantine Maroulis from American Idol co-hosts The Jake Brown Show (10/24/17)

Constantine Maroulis from season 4 of American Idol joined me in studio to co-host The Jake Brown Show. He sings for us, we talk about his new off-broadway musical Bulldozer, American Idol, Yankees, Jets, Giants, Mets, NFL, and much more.

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Episode 52: The Jake Brown Show – ALDS, NLDS, Cole Wright Interview (10/10/17)

On Episode 52 of The Jake Brown Show:
We open the show debating whether the Jets and Giants are rivals or not. We then talk ALDS and NLDS and some of the poor managerial decisions that went on. I then do a sports update halfway through the show. In the second half of the show, Cole Wright from the NFL Network and SiriusXM joins me to go around the NFL.

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