5/20 Brown and Troupe Podcast: Hooker Rehab, NBA Playoffs, McDonald’s vs Burger King

On this week’s podcast, we opened the show reacting to pornstar Mia Khalifa responding to our tweets for an interview request. We then dove into the NBA playoffs, previewing the Eastern and Western Conference Finals.

In Brown and Troupe Recoupe, we talked Marlins GM becoming manager, Rob Kraft not appealing, Brady’s appeal, new food at minor league park, and we re-enact how a hooker rehab session would go down for Warren Sapp.

Also, in JB’s Beef, I vent out my thoughts on a couple texts and messages I got. We close out the show debating McDonald’s vs Burger King.

Brown and Troupe 5/20 Podcast – Sapp’s hooker rehab session, NBA Conference Finals, McDonald’s vs Burger King