Episode 55: The Jake Brown Show – Wendy Williams, World Series, World Series with Bob Nightengale (10/31/17)

On Episode 53 of The Jake Brown Show on CBS Radio’s Radio.com:
We open the show talking about the Wendy Williams saga and her fainting on live TV. We discuss whether it was a publicity stunt or not and we get a ton of viewers on Facebook Live chiming in. While trying on masks in studio for Halloween and impersonating Wendy, we talk World Series, the classic Game 5, NFL trade deadline, and much more. USA Today MLB columnist Bob Nightengale then joins the show to discuss the World Series before Game 6 from Los Angeles.

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The Jake Brown Show 2017 MLB Season Preview with Bob Nightengale

I previewed the 2017 MLB season and then USA Today MLB columnist Bob Nightengale joined me to preview the season on The Jake Brown Show. Bob and I both predicted the Mets over the Red Sox in the World Series.

CBS Sports Radio – 2017 MLB Season Preview: Mets Over Red Sox In 1986 World Series Rematch

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