LISTEN: Mamma Brown talks eggplants, grandchildren, Papa Brown, more on The Jake Brown Show

Posted on March 28, 2018


Mamma Brown is one of the more unintentionally hilarious people on the planet. The moment she speaks in front of a microphone, it becomes gold. She told me stories in this interview I have never even heard out of nowhere. It’s like I had a new mother for a second. Love you mom. Enjoy!

We talked:

Eggplant parm, the eggplant emoji (she had no idea until I just told her a week after the interview what people actually send the emoji as), tutoring, Papa Brown, the family, grandchildren, dating, drinking (or lack there of), which son will get married first, the guy who kissed her with black teeth, what two songs would play in the car after each pregnancy that made her believe she would have a daughter, and a whole lot more.

LISTEN (3/19/18):

You can hear the rest of the episode Mamma Brown appeared on below. I talked about the firsts in sports that have happened the past two years, 16th-seeded UMBC beating No. 1 Virginia, the Jets trading up for the third pick in the NFL Draft, March Madness talk, and my sports update before Mamma Brown joins me for the second half.