4th & Goal With JB & BT with Ava Fiore on CBS Local Sports – 1/21/15

Posted on January 23, 2015


This week’s show features special guest Ava Fiore of CleatsAndCleavage.com. Ava is a former Playboy model and championship fighter and now has become well-renowned for her ability to talk sports in an appealing way to men that has turned her into a multi-millionaire. A riveting interview with never before heard statements from Ava about her life. We also talk NFL, playoffs, Super Bowl, favorite teams, fighting, her videos, her success, living in New York vs Florida, food, dating, and much more.

You can also hear this week’s JB and BT rap, which breaks down championship weekend. We also sing a bit of Katy Perry in JB’s Beef at the end of the show. Also, the debate of college football versus the NFL.

4th & Goal With JB & BT with Ava Fiore – 1/22/15