4th & Goal with JB & BT on CBS Local Sports and Play.it – 1/7/15

My JB Rap this week went national as Gio and Jones played it on CBS Sports Radio around 7:45am. They ripped it apart, but it had them laughing, which is always ultimately the goal. J-Swag aka J-Swizzy is not who I try to be just something funny I try to do on the show every week.

  • NFL Wild Card weekend in review – JB as President Clinton and Charles Barkley, BT as President Obama
  • JB’s Rap
  • Troupe Talk on Vince Young missing plane, getting his own flight, and making everyone order fried chicken
  • KFC vs Popeyes…who wins?
  • JB’s Beef – Chris Christie and awkward hugs, refs in Dallas, umbrellas during snow, alternate side parking
  • NFL Divisional Round preview and picks

4th & Goal with JB & BT – 1/7/15


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