4th & Goal with JB & BT with Daniel Fells on CBS Local Sports -12/10/14

Posted on December 12, 2014


Check out the second edition of 4th & Goal with JB & BT on CBS Local Sports. Former NFL TE Ben Troupe and I were joined by New York Giants tight end Daniel Fells.

Highlights of the show this week include:

  • Manziel the Midget vs. Marvin Lewis…what you talkin ’bout Lewis?
  • What is wrong with the New Orleans Sants? Can the Panthers survive without Cam Newton?
  • Bruce Arians saves the day, Traci Arians the hottie, Super Bowl tickets or Traci?
  • Jeff Fisher, Rams show up the Redskins, Dan Snyder in the Geek Squad, my Snyder geek impression
  • Colin Kaepernick robbing the 49ers, avoids answering media, Mangini to coach 49ers?
  • Fauria twerks, Russell Wilson Mr. Steal Yo Girl
  • JB’s Beef – shoutout to Hellen Keller and the deaf, Prince William needs Rogaine badly, Brennan Clay tried to big time us but he’s thirsty on Tinder, and random kid wants to be podcast guest C’MON SON
  • Troupe Talk – story of Steve McNair trying to break into facilities, 2 guards tried to stop him
  • 5 JB Locks for NFL Week 15
  • Pats Propaganda t-shirt giveaway to correct trivia answer
  • Interview with Giants TE Daniel Fells – should Coughlin stay? What happened this season? How tough was McAdoo offense? Eli > Brady? Status next season? Kids TV shows

4th & Goal with JB & BT – 12/10/14