Students react to Hofstra burglary

Posted on December 13, 2012


Hofstra University is looking to regain its pride after four members of the basketball team were arrested on burglary charges. Sophomore Shaquille Stokes, and freshmen Jimmy Hall, Kentrell Washington, and Dallas Anglin were accused of stealing electronics from dormitories.

Since the story broke Thursday morning, members of the Hofstra community have expressed disappointment about their fellow students.

“It is surprising that people can do something like that, especially if it was a friend that they were stealing from,” sophomore Laurel Smith said.

“I knew the guys, they were always friendly,” junior Sidney Madden said. “It was a slap in the face, you have a really good deal here being a D1 basketball player.”

“Everyone makes mistakes, but this was just really stupid,” junior Shurita Lundi said.

The players are accused of stealing a Sony laptop, headphones, three MacBooks, two iPads, an iPod, and cash from three campus dorms. Several of the electronics were sold online.

In a statement released by Hofstra Athletics, the players have been “immediately suspended from the basketball team, classes, residence halls and facilities, pending the outcome of their case.”


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